Dalfen America Corp. Rebrands to Dalfen Industrial LLC

Dalfen America Corp (DAC) has rebranded as Dalfen Industrial (DI). The name change is designed to reflect the company’s exclusive focus in the last mile industrial property sector across North American Markets. The company ownership, staff and management remain the same.

This rebranding initiative represents an important milestone in the company’s evolution and is reflective of the company’s overall focus, vision and growth. “All we do is last mile industrial and it makes sense that our name reflects that business activity” says Sean Dalfen, President and CIO. “The firm’s investment focus remains to position itself as the nation leader in last mile industrial real estate and to consistently ensure optimal return on investment for its partners”.   Dalfen anticipates the pace of acquisitions to continue to accelerate going forward.

“Dalfen has always been a company championing strategic industrial investment opportunities that offer compelling prospects for rapid growth,” says Dalfen’s COO Don Benningfield. “Changing our name to Dalfen Industrial formalizes the corporate growth strategy that has been underway for quite some time.”