Murray Dalfen

Murray Dalfen is the Chairman of Dalfen Industrial. Murray has held both the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer position from 1992 through 2022, and together with Sean Dalfen, is responsible for the leadership and oversight of the firm. Under Murray and Sean’s leadership, Dalfen Industrial has successfully managed six real estate funds, which have owned, operated, and developed 44 million square feet of commercial property located in North America. Murray Dalfen began his career at Dalfen’s Limited, a family-apparel retail chain, and in 1992, Murray transitioned the direction of Dalfen’s Limited to focus exclusively on commercial real estate. In 2007, he organized the profitable sale of millions of dollars of commercial property ahead of the Great Recession. Since then, Murray and Sean have transitioned the company to focus exclusively on US Last Mile Industrial property.


Murray is a philanthropist and has also assumed a leadership role in many community organizations. Murray was named one of the winners of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 Quebec.