Dalfen Industrial’s vertically integrated team is organized within specialized functions and leverages a multidisciplinary approach to investment decision making.



We combine decades of industrial experience and boots on the ground in key markets with our proprietary last mile scoring system to determine optimal locations for our investments. As a result of our broker relationships, we source over 80% on an off-market basis.


Data Driven

Dalfen utilizes proprietary analytics to support our local expertise in all of our decisions from where the best development or acquisition opportunities lie, how to finance the deals or how to maximize lease rates and space configuration.



Dalfen’s seasoned development professionals are highly experienced in managing the process of construction and development, finding the best opportunities and building state-of-the-art properties from coast to coast. Dalfen developments include speculative developments as well as build-to-suit. 


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Asset & Property Management

Our team of top-rated managers provides best-in-class service to our clients by maximizing value in our portfolios. Our teams’ in-depth market knowledge enables them to tailor each deal to market demands, maximizing lease rates, space configurations and returns. We view our tenants as partners with whom we thrive to build long lasting relationships, by ensuring all of their needs are met.


Capital Markets

Creating a cost-effective and risk-resistant capital structure is critical for every project. Dalfen’s Capital Markets team accomplishes this by leveraging its vast network of direct debt and equity relationships, along with engaging outside brokers. Dalfen follows a rigorous set of guidelines to manage all forms of potential risk, including leverage, interest rate risk, project-specific risks and external shocks. Their responsibilities include:

  • Debt & equity advisory
  • Portfolio management
  • Transaction & disposition oversight

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